The mission of Vero is to provide our real estate investors with the greatest possible return on their financial investment; as well as, having a great investment experience with the team at Vero. We will achieve our goals by researching the best available properties on the market and determining which properties will provide our investors with excellent opportunities to experience the greatest investment rewards commensurate with the risk involved. Vero wants our select group of investment partners to experience not only great financial rewards, but to enjoy a family-type investment environment built on trust, loyalty, and a total commitment to character, integrity, and principles. Vero is dedicated to creating value in our acquisitions by maximizing our sixty years of real estate experience.



Ray Parker founded Capital Investors Realty in Houston, Texas in 1974. Capital Investors Realty specialized in the investment and brokerage of apartment properties throughout Metro Houston. Ray relocated Capital Investors Realty to Phoenix, Arizona in the late 80’s and dedicated his focus towards land brokerage and investment until Capital Investors Realtys transfer to Ryan Parker in 2010.  Since 2010, Ray, now an active land investor and managing partner of joint ventures, has been actively monitoring, evaluating and researching the real estate market for land and commercial property acquisitions and investment opportunities. Ray’s 45 years of real estate experience gives him great insight and knowledge of investment opportunities and investment timing.