VERO | The Meaning of Truth

The mission of Vero Real Estate Investments, LLC is to provide our real estate investors with the greatest possible return on their financial investment, as well as having a great investment experience with the team at Vero. We will achieve our goals by researching the best available properties on the market and determining which properties will provide our investors with excellent opportunities to experience the greatest investment rewards commensurate with the risk involved. Vero wants our select group of investment partners to experience not only great financial rewards, but to enjoy a family-type investment environment built on trust, loyalty and a total commitment to character, integrity and principles.  Vero is dedicated to creating value in our property acquisitions by maximizing our combined sixty years of real estate experience.


It is more than just a profitable transaction that makes a successful investment company.  It’s how investors, other brokers, owners, title agencies and legal teams are treated throughout the investment process that determine true success.  We pride ourselves on leading and investing with character.  We understand the nature of the real estate investment world and we have chosen a path that leads to real estate investments with character.


Integrity has become a flash word that many times is overused in the business world.  Like a flash, integrity can disappear in a moment during difficult cycles.  With our successful real estate experience, our real estate team has excelled in keeping integrity at the forefront of every real estate transaction.  Vero’s integrity creates an opportunity to expand relationships and develop future opportunities for all parties.


Principles are the core foundation of Vero Real Estate Investments.  Our principles are defined by ensuring that every person dealing with Vero is treated with honesty, professionalism and transparency.  We strive to develop relationships based on our unwavering principles.

Research Is King

The real estate adage that real estate value is based on 'location, location, location' is partially true. At Vero, our experience has shown us that successful investing in real estate is also based on 'timing, timing, timing.' This is why we provide extensive research before executing a plan for property acquisition.

Expert Collaboration

Utilizing our extensive network of real estate professionals makes the property acquisition process seamless and smooth. Our relationships with real estate brokers, entitlement experts and escrow agents provide the resources necessary to accomplish our goals.


To ensure the best results for all the parties in the property acquistion transaction, Vero's team communicates extensively with all parties. Our straight forward and concise communications enable us to accomplish our mission.

The Vero Real Estate Investment Profile

With our vast real estate experience and knowledge in property acquisitions, we have been able to identify certain criteria to guide our investment decisions.

  • Time Horizon
  • Location
  • Future / Best Use
  • Ability to Create Value
  • Improvement
  • Leaseabilty
  • Rezoning / General Plan Amendment
  • Municipality


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